Top 25 important questions, 2019


Q 1: Who was chosen as the Time Person of the Year 2019?

Answer: Greta Thunberg

Q 2: The Boganville referendum that has been in the headlines recently is related to which country?

Answer: Papua New Guinea

Q 3: Which state government has planned to prepare the health profile of the people of the state?

Answer: Telangana

Q 4: Who was appointed as Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs?

Answer: Development pattern

Q 5: According to the Citizens (Amendment) Bill 2019, the oppressed minorities of which countries will get citizenship of India?

Answer: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh

Q 6: Which state government approved the Disha Act 2019?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Q 7: When is National Energy Conservation Day celebrated?

Answer: 14 December

Q 8: Which Indian was recently made the brand ambassador of La Liga?

Answer: Rohit Sharma

Q 9: With which organization ICAR has tied up for transfer of agricultural technology?

Answer: NABARD

Q 10: In which airport, Fastag has been launched on the pilot basis for parking in which airport?

Three capitals for Andhra Pradesh

Q 11: Winner of Space Oscar Award 2019 in this international competition 'Copernicus Masters' in Finland -

  👉Blue Sky Analytics (The first Indian startup industry to receive the award) 

Q 12: The European Union (EU) has left this country under the '2050 Climate Neutrality' agreement -

Q 13: The party won a majority by winning 326 out of 650 in the UK House of Commons Parliament - 

 👉 Prime Minister Boris Jonson's Conservative Party 

Q 14: National Energy Conservation Day - 

 👉 14 December 

Q 15: The company has entered into an agreement with the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Peace Education (MGIEP) to enable teachers in India to adopt technology in classrooms -

👉Dell (India) Technologies (with 'Dell Commencement' initiative) 

Q 16:  Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) signed a memorandum of understanding with the institute -
👉 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) * to facilitate research and modification about various technologies and innovative farming systems.

Q 17: The first meeting of the National Ganga Council was held on 14 December 2019 in this city - 

👉 Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 

Q 18: Indian Winner of Aristol Award, given by World Economic Forum (WEF) - 

👉Deepika Padukone 

Q 19: Namami Gange program launched - 

👉In the year 2014 

Q 20: Establishment of National Clean Ganga Campaign (NMCG) -
👉 Year 2011 (August 12) 

Q 21: Establishment of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) - 

👉 Year 2002 

Q 22: The players of the cricket team were fined 80 percent of the match fees for throwing slow overs in the first ODI against India in Chennai 

👉 West Indies 

Q 23: Establishment of Indian Competition Commission (CCI) - 

👉 Year 2003

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# The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has indicated the creation of three capitals in the state like South Africa.

The state can have three following capitals -
   👉Legislative - Amravati
    👉Executive - Visakhapatnam
    👉9 Judicial - Kurnool

# This decision will be taken after discussing details and reports issued by reputed consultancy firms.
 👉If the state government executes this, Andhra Pradesh will be the first state in the country to have three capital regions.

# South Africa has three capitals:
     👉 Administrative Capital- Pretoria
     👉Legislative Capital - Cape Town
     👉Judicial Capital - Bloemphonetine

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