Biography of B.R. Bhimrao  ambedkar 

Friends, This is the story of a man who was born in an India where the upper class people of the society were committing severe atrocities and exploitation of the poor and downtrodden. But despite this hatred of the society, insult and reproach, he got such an education, due to which he became the creator of the Constitution of India. 

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Friends, I am talking of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who was born on 14 April 1891 in Mau village of Madhya Pradesh as the fourteenth child of his father Ram Ji Malo Ji Satpal and mother Seema Bai.
His father Ram ji was a soldier in Mau Cantonment in the British Army.
The family belonged to the Mahar caste, which people believed to be from a very lower class, their family was Marathi from Ambavadi village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. While working in the army, Dr. Ambedkar's father became a Subedar and he always insisted on the education of his children. A few days later his father retired from the army, and he moved with his family to Satara. Where a few days later

Ambedkar's mother Seema Bai died due to illness. Now 14 siblings including Ambedkar were taken care of by their aunts in a difficult situation, due to untouchability, hatred and their own mentality, doctors also treated untouchables without touching them, due to which only three of Ambedkar's 14 siblings Only eight brothers and two sisters survived, and the remaining eight brothers and sisters died due to exploitation.

Children of all Hindus in the neighborhood used to go to school, seeing that Bhimrao ji also used to litter his heart, he insisted to his father that he too has to go to school but due to being untouchable, it is not easy to get admission in school here Was, forced, his father went to a British military officer and begged him that he had served the government all his life and in return his children were not even admitted to school It would be a great injustice

After this, the officer got his children admission in a school, but here Ambedkar ji had such bitter experiences of untouchability which he could not forget for a lifetime. Ambedkar ji used to go to school but Dalit children were made to sit outside the class, and the teachers did not pay any attention to them even there was no touching of Ambedkar ji.
 When the thirsty school peon used to drink water from afar, which he used to collect and drink with hands as he was not allowed to touch the pot and drink water from the glass, and on the day the peon could not come, Ambedkar ji thirsty all day. Had to pass.

While going to school Bhima pulled water from a nearby well and drank it, some Brahmins saw him doing this, then what was the first day bhim was caught on the same well and beaten fiercely with shoe slippers and this condition But it was left that he would never drink the water of that well again,  once he went to the hairdresser to get a haircut, the barber knew that he belonged to the Mahar caste. How can I run away from here and never come again? These incidents hurt Bhima's self-esteem, his eyes were filled with tears, his sister was cut by her sister at home,

Bhima was a very proud boy. And he wanted to stand on the feet, so that there would be some improvement in the financial condition of the family, Bhima had heard that the boys going to Satara get work in Mumbai, so they decided that He would go to Mumbai and work in a mail but he did not have a fare to go to Mumbai, Bhima made a plan that he would steal money from his aunt's wallet and move to Mumbai. Bhima tried to steal the wallet for three consecutive nights which was his He was tied to aunt's waist but got no success, after trying continuously, on the fourth night he was able to steal the wallet, but he got very frustrated because it Only just had to come half so he could not be in Mumbai this experience of 4 nights shook up in the Bill,
After this, he made a new plan which changed his whole life. He decided that he would study and get employment for his family and give up all the bad habits inside him,

Kismet also supported Bhima after his Subedar father retired and settled in Mumbai in search of a job, and he admitted to Bhima at the same Maratha school, where he got his English reader of yesboard and many other books. Studied under the supervision of his father. Apart from his studies, he started reading many more texts and books, due to this habit, he became fond of collecting books and reading, but his hobby was becoming very expensive on his father, but he wanted Bhima to become a big man by reading and writing. Bheem was sent to Elphinstone High School in Mumbai by taking a loan,

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But even here untouchability did not stop pursuing him, once the teacher asked Bhima to solve a math question on the board. As soon as Bhima moved towards the board, the upper caste Hindu children shouted Sir Bhim is untouchable. Actually stop him. Lunch boxes were kept of those children, who could be impure by reading Bhima's shadow, for fear that all the children immediately lifted their boxes from there, the knocking voice of these parties from Bhima's ears Area went off in the heart, which broke him completely however the question was found not to be solved in seconds, which was reduced by teachers including amazed all students.

He then passed high school and at the age of 16, he was married to Ramabai, aged 9,
He took admission in Elphinstone College for college studies. During his studies, Bhima met a teacher Keluskar, who in his first meeting, Bhima had told that I am untouchable, please stay away from me, his impeccable style and passion for studies has made Keluskar Impressed a lot.
And he took Bhima to Baroda's education lover Maharaj Sambhaji Gaikwad, when the Maharaja was coming to Mumbai, he was having a meeting where he asked Bhimrao some questions which Bhima answered very well, some of it The year later, the Maharaja of Baroda decided to send some students to Columbia University America, met Bhimrao Maharaj and he was seduced by Bhima speaking English. Be affected, he sent four boys, including BR giving scholarships reading US,After 4 years, he came back to India and started working as a military secretary at Maharaja of Baroda,

But the Sanya officers did not like to cast the Mahar caste boy as the army officer, a few days later, he left the job and moved to London in 1919 where hard work and hard work led him to pursue his MSc B.Sc. and barrister degree earned,
In 1923, he returned to India and started advocating as he saw how badly the Dalits were being exploited and since then he devoted his life to abolishing untouchability.

New ideology

He also raised the demand for separate voting for Dalits in view of the separate turnout of Muslims and learners, due to which Gandhiji went on fast unto death, he withdrew his demands due to Gandhiji Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is a philosopher writer and a great leader who has not Not only fought for the downtrodden and untouchable people who had been suppressed in the society for centuries, but also the task of tying India so full of fraternities into a constitution. did.
When Indian leaders were talking about independence and new constitution itself at the time of independence, then where was the Prime Minister of Britain, Vincell Churche making two Indians to make a law for how many diversities their constitution has in India, it is impossible to make India soon. Will be broken, but history is a witness, Ambedkar gave India the largest written constitution in the world in such a short time,

After this, after Ambedkar ji returned to Sri Lanka to India at the conference of Buddhism in 1950, he renounced Hinduism and received initiation of Buddhism on 14 October 1956 in Nagpur with his millions of followers, Ambedkar ji practiced caste among Hindus. After nearly 2 months of severe condemnation, on 6 December 1956, due to illness, he took his last breath and took his last rites of Buddhism. The per capita
For many years after the death of friends and Ambedkar ji, there was a Congress government whose leaders won and declared themselves as Bharat Ratna, but the real gem of Bharat Maa, Dr. Ambedkar ji got Bharat Ratna only after the coming of VP Singh's government in 1988. Found Dr. Ambedkar ji says 'life should be great instead of long, I believe in a religion that teaches freedom, equality and brotherhood'

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