Current Affairs 18 December 2019


  Current Affairs 18 December 2019

1. The provisions of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution apply in which of the following states?
(i) Tripura
(ii) Sikkim
(iii) Nagaland
(iv) All appropriate

Ans. Tripura

2. Newly appointed Managing Director of IMF.
(i) Kistralina Jajirva
(ii) Raghuram Rajan
(iii) Surjeet Bhalla
(iv) Christine Lagarde

Ans. Kistralina jajirva

3. Jaipur was listed as a 'World Heritage Site' by UNESCO 'World Heritage Committee' in its 43rd session in which city.
(i) Baku
(ii) Istanbul
(iii) Marques

Ans.  Baku

4. What is the national program launched by the Government of India on October 10 2019 to promote skill prosperity of talented children
(i) aim
(ii) Talent
(iii) Pole
(iv) Change

Ans. Pole

5. The 2019 Nobel Prize for Economics was given to a woman for the second time. Who was the first woman to be awarded this award
(i) Esther iflo
(ii) Getri theresa kori
(iii) Mariya jopart
(iv) Elinar Ostram

Ans. Elinar Ostram

6. The rural sanitation strategy launched by the Ministry of Water Power in December 2019 is related to which of the following period
(i) 2019 - 35
(ii) 2019 - 29
(iii) 2019 - 22
(iv) 2019 - 24

Ans. 2019-29

7. In which of the following places is the Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​located?
(i) Varanasi
(ii) Maisoore
(iii) new Delhi
(iv) Shimla
Ans. Maisoor

8. India aimed to achieve land neutrality.
(i) 2025
(ii) 2030

Ans. 2030

9. Chandrayaan-2 was launched by whom.
(ii) GSLV MK II- M2
(iii) GSLV MKIV- M8
(iv) GSLC MK V- M4


10. Gas, which is emitted from paddy fields and increases the temperature of the land.
(i) Nitrogen
(ii) Carbon dioxide
(iii) Carbon monoxide
(iv) Methane

Ans. Methane

11. Under the citizen registration system, it is legally mandatory to station the event of birth and death within how many days
(i) 15 days
(ii) 21 days
(iii) 24 days
(iv) 30 days

Ans. 21 days

12. India is the most biodiversity region.
 Gangetic plain
(i) Trans Himalaya
(ii) Western india
(iii) Central india

Ans. Western india

13. The central government has extended the date of compulsory implementation of fas tag.
(i) 31 December 2019
(ii) 1 January 2020
(iii) 15 January 2020
(iv) 1 February 2020

Ans. 15 January 2020

14. On which date is Victory Day celebrated in the month of December every year.
(i) 14 December
(ii) 16 December
(iii) 15 December
(iv) 17 December

Ans. 16 December

15. 'Ana Kareena' who died recently was the actress of which country?
(i) England
(ii) Germany
(iii) France

Ans. France

17. Which state government has launched the innovation startup policy 2019?
(i) Puducherry
(ii) Delhi
(iii) Goa
(iv) Sikkim

18. Which former cricketer was appointed the first acting director of South Africa?
(i) AB de Villiers
(ii) Graeme smith
(iii) LB morkal
(iv) shan polak

Ans. Graeme smith

19. Which actress will be awarded the Crystal Award for spreading mental health awareness?
(i) Alia Bhatt
(ii) Deepika Padukone
(iii) Priyanka Chopra
(iv) Kriti Suresh

Ans. Deepika padukone

20. Which international sports organization has announced a new world ranking system for 2020?
(i) fifa
(ii) FIH
(iii) icc
(iv) world ethelit

Ans. Fih
21. Which national emblem was inscribed on the passport to identify fake passports by the Ministry of External Affairs?
(i) Lotus 
(ii) Banyan
(iii) Peacock
(iv) Tiger

Ans. Lotus

22. RN Ravi who is the Governor of Nagaland State. He was given additional charge of the Governor of which state?
(i) Tripura
(ii) Meghalaya
(iii) Arunachal Pradesh
(iv) Assam

Ans. Meghalaya

23. According to the report by Google, Google Earth has covered what percentage of the earth.
(i) 100%
(ii) 99%
(iii) 98%
(iv) 97%

Ans. 98%

24. In which country will the UNFCCC's COP-26 be organized next year?
(i) Chilli
(ii) Germany
(iii) Spain
(iv)  England

Ans. England

25. Which company launched India's first PSU corporate bond "India
Bond ETF ”(Exchange Traded Fund) launched?
(i ) Credit session
(ii) Inkash
(iii) Edelweiss
(iv) No such

Ans. Edelweiss

26. Which country's Nuad Thai massage was included in the list of UNESCO Intangible Heritage?
(i) Indonesia
(ii) Thailand
(iii) Laos
(iv) Vietnam

Ans. Thailand

27. Where will the fifth India ATP conference be held in December 2019?
(i) Bengaluru
(ii) new Delhi
(iii) Goa
(iv) Hyderabad

Ans. New Delhi
28. In which city was the Third Military Literature Festival organized?
(i) new Delhi
(ii) Chandigarh
(iii) Jaipur
(iv) Amritsar

Ans. New Delhi

29. Block Hash live 2019 conference was held in which city
(i) Kolkata
(ii) Delhi
(iii) Ahmedabad
(iv) Kochi

Ans. Kochi

30. Which state assembly approved two MLAs for organizing sc and st?
(i) Tamil Nadu
(ii) Kerala
(iii) Andra Pradesh
(iv) Karnataka

Ans. Andra pradesh

31. kfw, German Development Bank signed an agreement with Kis Bank of India for a $ 277 million loan.
(i) State Bank of India
(ii) National Bank
(iii) Axis Bank
(iv ) Canara Bank

Ans. State bank of india

32. Who was Geeta Siddharth who died recently?
(i) Actress
(ii) Player
(iii) Journalist
(iv) The writer
Ans. Actress

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