How did vasco da gama come to India?

Vascoda gama was born in 1460 AD in Purt -ugal. He was the first person who traveled from the continent of Africa to Europe. Vas -co da Gama's childhood was spent in the sinus.

Which was located on the sea shore.Vasco-da-Gama went on to become a commercial choice there, and was now commanding ships going out to sea, India's spice was very popular in Europe.

But at that time Vasco da Gama knew abou -t the only way to go to India, he went thro -ugh land, but  this  path  was  dangerous    because  of  going  through very  difficult,   he tho ught if this route through seaside to In dia was about If I find out, we could become richer than the spice trade in Europe.

The idea of ​​reaching India from Europe via the seas was coined  by another Portu -guese explorer, the Autollo Trust, who disc -overed Europe, which was located on the coastline south of  the  continent of Africa, believed to be from the east. Ships that sail can reach India.

Vascoda gama sailed from the coast of Port ugal on 8 July 1497,  with 4 ships and 170 men. First he went from the south towards the Cake of Good Hope, and reached there on 22  November,  after which  he went to teach on the coast of Africa as well as the merchant ports of the north. After this, the Ravya of Vasco da Gama headed towards India with the help of monsoon winds,and on May 1498,  at the  black-cut place Bama -k in the state  of Kerala,  India. Keep your steps Calicut is also called a court in Malay -alam. In this way, it took about a mo -nth for Vasco da  Gama to  reach India. On rea- ching   Calicut, Vasco da Gama's team met the local king. Vasco da Gama tried to take business comfort from the king. His Musli -m courtiers indulged in wrongdoing beca- use the Portuguese were Christians.

On April 14, 1498, Vasco da Gama traveled 10000 kilometers for the first time and reached South Africa after 3 months and found nothing to stop in South Africa, and he left.
Africa finally left Malingi on1498 via some other countries of the continents, on  May 1498 Vasco da Gama arrived in Calicut, India. In the history of India, his name has been written in golden letters.Vascodagam a  discovered India,  it does not mean that India did not exist, it is not, because India is the oldest country in the world. How can we find Vasco da Gama, we can say that he came to India by sea for the first time,

That is why the first man to explore India by sea, Calicut was ruled by a king named Jamuri, when Jamuri came to know that a foreign trip had come to India, he gave a grand welcome to Vasco da Gama, a guest in India. The tradition of Deo has been going  on for years, Jamuri greeted Vasco da Gama as a guest and was welcomed by 3000 soldiers at his reception.

Vascodgama gifted precious clothes to Jamuri, 4 branches of 6 Topia Murgo, a box with brass boat, 2 barrels of oil and a box of honey, Jyamuri did not like his gift much, because he loved gold gifts more than silver. Was

Jamuri requested Jamuri to trade in India as a guest, and now Jamuri demanded gold silver from Vasco da Gama as a custom beauty, but Vasco da Gama had nothing at that time. Was, and he wanted to do business in India. He had heard from somewhere that 'India is called gold bird' and there is a lot of gold reserves, this time he Area did not want to lose, so he killed the jam Jamuri. After the murder of Jamuri, he himself became the owner of Calicut. Which used to be India's largest port at that time.

Now in Calicut he started taxing the ships trading in Arab countries at the port, if no one paid tax to Vasco da Gama at that time, he would call the pirates and destroy his ship. His fear was so engraved that a ship could not move without his permissio -n from the port. About 3 months later, when he returned to his country, after taking 7 ships full of gold, he went to his country, now on his way to India. It was discovered that he came back to India again after 1 year to plunder India, the second time he took about 12 ships from India and took gold asharfia, his mind was still not full,

Caught the way of return but this route of return was bad due to adverse weather and more than half of their team died due to diseases but more people were killed due to illness but on reaching the country, Vasco da Gama was strongly welcomed Because he had completed the work for which he was sent, I was given many names  to rain on him, after this Vascodaga ma and more weight He got a chance to go. He was sent as the head of the Samudra pulses going to India. His visits with the Portuguese greatly increased their trade with India, as well as their power had increased considerably. Shortly after reaching India for the third time. Vasco da Gama died of malaria on 23 December 1524 due to malaria


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