Mona Lisa penting painter

                      Mona Lisa penting 

Mona Lisa penting 

500 years ago, Genius Leonardo da Vinci of Italy created a painting that remains a mystery even today. What secrets are hidden in this painting, which is considered to be the most mysterious and most famous painting in the world? You are about Monalisa 23 things that will really surprise you

On 23 June 1852, a young friends artist named Lucma Sparrow jumped from the fourth floor of a hotel in Paris and gave her life that Wah was mad at Monalisa's mysterious smile and was fascinated by her beauty and also left a suicide note in which She spoke of her love for Monalisa and her years of waiting.

The most mysterious thing about Monalisa and what makes the artist and the historians to think the most is the mysterious smile of Monalisa which looks different when viewed from different angles. Smiling appears then this smile fades and then disappears. A research has shown that the woman whom DaVinchi has made this painting and Are hiding some secret inside the smile of Mona Lisa is so mysterious

A few years ago, a doctor surprised everyone by saying that the secret of Monalisa's mysterious smile is the loss of her upper two teeth, and this is the reason why her upper lip is slightly pressed, look again at Harvard in 2000. A neuroscientist, Doctor Margaret said that Monalisa's smile does not change, but the human mindset changes, it means your brain is playing as you face Monalisa. You want to see the same way you will see it depends on what you are focusing on.

Leonardo da Vinci 

Leonardo da Vinci started making Monalisa in 1503 and he continued to work on it till 1517.Davinchi took 12 years to make Monalisa's hotel.
Leonardo Davinci was also a writer but surprisingly he did not write anything about his most famous painting Monalis

It is true that Monalisa is a very beautiful painting and it is very famous from the beginning, it was never so much mushroom as it was when it was stolen from the Muslim people of Paris.

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The world's most famous painting was stolen from the world's largest museum was a shocking event, but even more surprising is that the man who was suspected of the theft in its charge It was taken by Pablo Picasso, another great painter of ours, initially Pablo Picasso was accused of stealing it but later on after much questioning and investigation, Was removed from the area charge

Who was Volvo who stole Monalisa was stolen from it on August 21 in 1911, but nobody noticed the theft on that day and it was noticed the next day the Lu Museum was closed for investigation for 1 week Due to this confusion that the painting might have been placed somewhere else in the museum, it was later discovered that a worker from Monalisa Lu Museum was stolen by vincenzo peruggia. He hid in a small room in the museum, after the museum closed, he escaped by hiding the painting in the court.

Bhimsenjo, who was a patriotic citizen of Italy, believed that Leonard that these paintings should return to his country and should be shown in the Museum of Italy. 2 years later, Vincenzo was captured when he took Monalisa to Florence, Italy. Was going to sell it to the director of the Art Museum in Paris, who returned from Paris on 4 January 1914 after keeping Monalisa in the same museum in Italy for two weeks. Brought Iam vincenzo was 6 months in prison for his crime, but Italy has welcomed him to his patriotism

There is also a twin painting of Monalisa which looks exactly like the Monalisa of Leonardo DaVinci, where the second painting was made by one of his students Francisco Melzi in the time of DaVinchi, this second painting is the Parad Museum of Spain's capital Madrid. Laid in

To this day, it is a mystery as to who Monalisa was, which DaVinchi made a picture of, who this woman was. Most scholars believe that the picture in this painting is of Lisa Girar Dhani, an Italian woman from Florence. Thi but a theory also says that Monalisa is a picture of Leonardo Davinchi herself, meaning that she created herself as a woman in this painting

10. There have been many attempts to damage this beautiful painting. In 1956, a polyvin tourist threw a stone at Monalisa, due to which a small mark near the corner of Monalisa's left hand was later restored. But the scars still look lighter before a person threw acid on this painting, after seeing Monalisa's security, it was inside the bullet proof glass Security was but it was a lady tried to spray red paint on the Mona Lisa painting on behalf Ceramic pickup threw a Russian woman in 2009 were secured in both cases

Second World War Time Monalisa was replaced 6 times so that this precious painting does not pass into the hands of German Nazis.
A student from Leonardo created a nude version of Monalisa from 1514 to 1516 called Monabina. Its position of hands and body is exactly the same as Leonardo's Monalisa. It may not have even been made by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting. Housed in the codome museum of paris

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