Biography of Albert Einstein

        Biography of  Albert Einstein

Full Name -  Albert Heimer Einstein

Born -  14 March 1879, Ulma, Germany

Death -  18 April 1955, New Jersey, USA

Father's Name -  Heimer Einstein

Mother's Name -  Pauline Koch

Residence -  Germany, Italy, Austria and USA

Citizenship -  Germany, Belgium and America

Marriage - twice,
first - with Mariak and
second - with Alyssa Lowen

Children - Kadamuni Margate (adopted daughter)

Caste - Jewish

Field - Physics Philosophy

Education - from ETH and University of Zurich

Medical Advisor - Alfred Kleiner

Disciple - Unst and Nathon Rosen

Fame - light energy effects, mass energy equivalence and Bose Einstein data

Honors - Nobel Prize in Physics (1921), Copley Medal, Max Palanc Medal, Centenary of the Great Prize (1999)

Albert Einstein's inventions made the world go to the moon and stars, while others also taught the vast art of making atomic bombs, then friends, today we will tell you the special things about the great scientist Albert Einstein that you hardly know.

Albert Einstein was born when his head was very big and he did not even start speaking until he was 4 years old. But one day when 4-year-old Einstein was sitting at dinner with his parents, he broke his 4-year-old silence and said that milk is too hot. Einstein's parents were absolutely shocked when his son spoke in this manner 4 years later.

Personal life of Albert EinsteinEinstein

Einstein did not like to wear socks while traveling by sea and playing the violin.

When Einstein was a professor at his university, he forgot his home address while coming home, although most people knew Einstein but the driver of the taxi in which he was sitting did not recognize him.
Einstein said to the driver do you know Einstein's address. The driver replied who would not know his address at Princeton University, if you want to meet him, I can reach you at his house, then Einstein told the driver that he was Einstein himself and he forgot his home address. Knowing this, the driver drove them to his home and did not take the taxi fare despite Einstein's repeated requests.

Gal Tech invited Albert Einstein to a ceremony. Einstein went to participate in the program with his wife. He also visited the Space Observatory on Mountain Wilson. The observatory had the world's largest telescope installed at that time. After seeing such a large telescope, Mrs. Einstein asked the observatory's charge so much What do you see with a large telescope? The charge felt that Mrs. Einstein's astrophysicist knowledge is very less. He replied with a big Rob that lets us explore the mysteries of the universe. Einstein's wife said that it is strange that my husband writes it all on the envelope of a letter and finds out everything, for which you need such a large telescope.

Einstein's scientific time and work

Because of these activities Einstein had to leave Germany and take refuge in America. He was invited by a large university to give his position of master, but Einstein chose Princeton University because of the physical environment with him.
On arriving at Princeton for the first time, the administrative officer there said, "Give me the list of necessary equipment for use so that they can be made available for your work soon." Give paper and pencil. Hearing this, the officer was shocked before Einstein said anything else and asked for a big basket. Because I also make a lot of mistakes while doing my work and the small basket gets filled with waste very quickly.

When people asked Einstein about his laboratory, he only smiled by pointing to his head.
When a scientist asked him about one of the most loved instruments, Einstein gave him his fountain pen, his brain was his laboratory and the fountain pen was his instrument.

Einstein's memory was not very good; he used to have problems remembering dates and phone numbers. Even he did not remember his own number.

Einstein loved drinking cigars so much that he fell into the river during boating and was completely wet when he came out, but even during this time he kept his pipe safe. He was a member of the Antriya Smoker Club once he said that cigar drinking helps a lot in reaching the right result in worldly or practical matters and to keep calm.

Einstein's birthday is celebrated on 14 March as Genius Day all over the world. Einstein used to sleep for 10 hours a night to do a good job. He was a very inept musician. One place in the biography of Charley Chaplin mentions Einstein's musical love. He used to go to his kitchen and play the violin and in his spare time he used to play Jat music. He used to listen to music, and he always had a violin from childhood to old age, but the knowledge of music was so low that at times he was sitting in the middle of the rough. Defense used to be played with music confidence was given to Daj everyone else is laughing, but his wife always cheers their spirits.

A colleague of Einstein asked him his telephone number. Keep Einstein nearby. The colleague started looking for his number in the telephone directory, said to his surprise, you do not even remember your own telephone number. Did not say why should I remember such a thing which I find by looking in the book.

Einstein used to say that there is no such thing that can be found in 2 minutes. The Srimadh power of the great scientist was very bad. Many things of your world were often forgotten. For example, children's birthday or any special day
And once again I forgot that once Einstein's mathematics professor had called him even to Lazy Dog because Einstein was very weak in studies.

Einstein's interest in science arose in his mind when he was 5 years old and his father brought him a compass and once Einstein was expelled from school due to his strange behavior and he was 17 years old. In age, Kalish failed in all subjects except Mathematics and Science in the Atrans exam.

when Albert Einstein  was coming to the party in 1941.

The picture that appears right now was taken when he was coming to the party in 1941, and a photographer urged him to be smiling and photographed Einstein, who was already tired, taking out his tongue and taking his photo. Captured the given photographer or memorable moment.

 In 1952, the US offered to become the President of Israel, but Einstein turned down the offer, saying that he was not for politics because at this time he was an Ayahudi and Israel is an Ayahudi country.

One day Albert Einstein was going to give a speech, on the way his driver said that I have heard your speech so many times that I can give your speech in front of people. Einstein said on hearing that today you are giving a speech, Einstein dressed the driver and took his place and gave his place to the driver. Recently, the driver really gave a speech like Einstein after the speech, when people asked questions When we started asking, the driver did not give all the answers with confidence, but one asked such a difficult question that the driver could not answer it. To this, the driver said, "Oh, the answer to this question is so simple that my driver will tell you, by saying this, he put Einstein on the driver's dress to answer, after all, the driver was also so intelligent himself.

Once Einstein was traveling by train

Once Einstein was traveling by train to go somewhere from Princeton, when the ticket checker came to him, he frantically searched his pocket to find his ticket. When he could not find a ticket in his pocket, he checked his suitcase. Seeing that he could not find his ticket, the ticket checker said that if the ticket is lost, then it does not matter, he recognizes them well and he is confident that you have given the ticket Must have bought the checker when everyone was going back by checking the ticket, then he saw that Einstein was looking for the ticket under his seat, then the checker told him again that he should not be upset for the ticket. How do I know where I am going without speaking on the ticket? Indeed Einstein was quite forgetful.

Albert Einstein love affairs

Once he had forgotten his girlfriend's birthday, the next day he wrote a letter apologizing to it and wrote in it, "Sweetheart must first accept my congratulations for his passed birthday, which was yesterday."
Albert Einstein has a long list of love stories 20 years after his death, his step daughter published 1500 letters in which about 6 of his love affairs were revealed. He used to write the latest state of love affairs in letters to his daughter. However, many experts say that he has been in more than 20 love affairs.

After his death his brain was taken out without his family's permission. This immoral act was done by Doctor Thomas Harvey to research his brain. In 1975, with the orders of his son Hands, 240 samples of his brain were sent to many scientists. After seeing these, he found that his mind had more sales than ordinary people, friends.

Ideas of Albert Einstein:

* The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
* We are all equally intelligent before God and equally foolish.
* There are two ways to live life. The first is that some miracles are not, the second is that everything in the world is miracles.
* The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Do not attempt to be a successful person, but rather human beings who follow values.

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