Guidelines for improvement in electoral process

Recently, nine working groups of the Election Commission of India-ECI have published 25 main recommendations for altering the electoral process and have sought comments or suggestions from the public.

key points:

About Working Groups:

These working groups were formed after the Lok Sabha elections involving the ECI officials and the Chief Electoral Officers of the state.
These groups collected data from the field and analyzed these data in the context of the existing law and institutional framework and suggested alternatives to strengthen the electoral process.

Main Recommendations:
About Working Groups:

Single form for all services for voters like registration, change of address, deletion of names etc.
Expanding the network and Electoral Service Centers (Voter Facilitation Centers-VFC) and Electoral Service Centers (Voter Facilitation Centers) to streamline electoral services for citizens.
Providing electoral services at home to Divyang (PWD) and senior (+80 years) citizens.
Providing online registration facilities in schools / colleges to prospective voters aged 17 years.
BLO equipped with technical facilities should be appointed in a phased manner to improve and digitize the Booth Level Officer-BLO system.
Provision of e-EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card) for voters.
Provision of quarterly / semi-annual dates for registration of voters instead of one annual date (1 January).
Provision for launching a "Modern Online Election Planning Portal" at ECI, State / UT or District levels to prepare electoral profile in advance.
Online portal for providing quick services to Divyang or Senior Citizens.
Use of Geographic Information System-GIS based election atlas to map parliamentary constituencies, assembly constituencies or polling stations for public information.
Election calendar and digital portal for election program.
Guidelines program for political parties, social organizations and media workers.
Rules for print media and social media.
Online nomination of candidates.
Determining expenses of political parties.

Institutional Strengthening:

Partnership with government organizations, public sector undertakings and private business / industrial organizations for electoral education and awareness.
Establish Electoral Literacy Clubs in all schools / colleges.
Establish voter awareness forums in all government and private organizations.
Establishment of Election School in all polling stations for voter awareness.
Incorporation of voter-education in school courses.
Establish six regional centers for voter education and awareness.
Strengthening Mass Media:
Active use of new technology.
Establish web TV and web radio for education of voters and other stakeholders.
Starting a weekly program for voters on Doordarshan or Radio.
Establish community radio station for voter education.

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