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1. Which state government has launched a mobile app PRAGYAAM to issue e-passes to each person engaged in delivery of essential services during lockdown across the country?

a. Jharkhand

b. Punjab

c. Karnataka

d. Gujarat

Ans  a. Jharkhand

This PRAGYAAM app running on Android platform and designed locally can be downloaded from Google Play Store. District traffic officers can issue online e-passes to vehicles after checking the documents uploaded on this app. These passes will be issued to those who supply daily medical, banking and other essential services and essential items.

2. How many million dollar investment has been announced by Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Indian infrastructure sector?

a. Two hundred million dollars

b. 300 million dollars

c. 100 million dollars

d. Fifteen million dollars

 2.c. 100 million dollars

This assistance will be done through the government sponsored National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF). The Manila-based institute will invest in NIIF, which will ensure that the actual amount to be invested will be more than 100 million dollars. The Asian Development Bank is committed to investing through NIIF in this extraordinary and challenging phase. The Asian Development Bank has been investing in Indian private equity funds for more than two decades. The Asian Development Bank has committed to invest more than Rs 2,600 crore in three equity funds.

3. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 postponed due to corona virus will now be held between which date next year?

a. 01 July to 20 July

b. 23 March to 08 April

c. 23 October to 15 November

d. 23 July to 08 August

3d. 23 July to 08 August

The Tokyo Olympics were postponed for a year due to coronavirus. Now the new schedule of Olympic Games has come out. The Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be held from July 23 to August 8. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke to the International Olympic Committee on postponing the Olympics in view of the growing threat of coronavirus. After this, the IOC had decided to postpone the Olympics considering the PM's point.

4. Which country's air force has canceled Phase 1 of its flagship multilateral air exercise, the Red Flag, to be held in Alaska from April 30?

a. Australian Air Force

b. Pakistani air force

c. us Air Force

d. Israeli Air Force

4.c. us Air Force

The Indian Air Force (IAF) was to participate in this multilateral air exercise of the US Air Force with its Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets. According to the US Air Force, the decision to cancel this air exercise has been taken in view of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. The Red Flag aerial exercises are an advanced aerial combat training exercise, conducted several times a year by the US Air Force.

5. Recently the G-20 group countries organized the 'G-20 Virtual Summit' to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic and towards international cooperation, under the chairmanship of which country?

a. Nepal

b. China

c. Russia

d. Saudi Arab

 5.d. Saudi Arab

The 'G-20 Virtual Conference', due to COVID-19, is the second conference to be organized on India's initiative, while the first virtual conference 'SAARC Virtual Conference' has been organized recently on India's initiative. The countries of the G-20 group have committed to contribute more than $ 5 trillion to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund led by global economies and the World Health Organization.

6. Recently researchers based on analysis of an ancient fossil found in Migusha of which country found out how human hands have evolved?

a. Nepal

b. China

c. Russia

d. Canada

6.d. Canada

The researchers examined a fossil of Elpistostege. According to fossil scientists, important stages are absent in the existing species of fish, which play a role in the conversion of fishes from four-legged animals. Alpistostages were completely aquatic. His body had crocodile-like, flat triangular heads, several teeth around the jaw. Fossil scientists believe that alpicostage was the largest predator in the saline estuary ecosystem in its period.

7. Recently which organization has approved the use of blood plasma for the treatment of seriously ill patients of COVID-19?

a. US Food and Drug Administration

b. Italian Medicines Agency

c. Drugs Controller General of India

d. Drug Department Authority Nepal

7.a. US Food and Drug Administration

This plasma is injected into critically ill patients to transfer antibodies and help patients' bodies fight against the virus. According to one study, the use of this type of plasma helped to relieve respiratory tract disorders and reduce mortality in H1N1 patients. The US used plasma on patients with Spanish flu (during 1918–1920), similarly in 2005 Hong Kong used plasma to treat SARS patients and in 2009 to treat H1N1 patients.

8. India ratings have reduced the growth estimate of the Indian economy to what percentage for 2020-21?

a. 2.6 percent

b. 3.6 percent

c. 1.6 percent

d. 3.9 percent

8.b. 3.6 percent

India Ratings has also lowered its economic growth forecast for the next financial year to 3.6 percent. According to the agency, the reason for lowering the growth forecast is the decrease in private consumption and the fall in investment. However, high export contribution and high government consumption on the net should help reduce the impact of corona virus on the economy. Given the spread of the corona virus epidemic in India, there is a risk of further downside estimates. Standard & Poor's had reduced India's GDP growth forecast from 5.2 percent to 5.2 percent for 2020-21.

9. Recently which country's comedian Ken Shimura died due to corona virus?

a. Nepal

b. China

c. Japan

d. Russia

9.c. Japan

Japanese comedian Ken Shimura was found positive of the corona virus last week. He was 70 years old. Ken Shimura started his career in 1970. He was one of the popular Japanese comedians. In the 70s and 80s, he made a house-to-house identity with his own comedy. Along with this, Ken Shimura also worked in many TV shows.

10. Reliance Industries has announced how many crores in PM Care Fund to fight this epidemic of Corona virus?

a. 400 million

b. 500 crores

c. 300 million

d. 200 million

10.b. 500 crores

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries has announced to give 500 crore rupees in PM Cares fund. Apart from this, Reliance Industries will also give Rs 5–5 crore to Maharashtra and Gujarat Chief Minister Relief Fund. In a statement issued by Reliance Industries, it was said that it will also provide food to 5 lakh people for the next 10 days. Reliance Foundation completed the first 100-bed Kovid-19 hospital in just 2 weeks. Along with this, Reliance is also preparing 1 lakh masks and thousands of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) daily so that the doctors, nurses and health workers of the country who are treating corona are taken care of.

One line questions 

• Civil services officials have launched a special initiative by which to support government efforts against the corona virus epidemic - Karuna

• Indian Railways has developed a much cheaper ventilator by the name of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the country.

• The film industry whose famous comedian Bullet Prakash has passed away recently - Kannada Film Industry

• The country whose former Test spinner Stephen O'Keefe retired from first-class cricket after being removed from New South Wales's list of contracted players for the next domestic season - Australia

• 1.7 lakh kits of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used by medical personnel in the treatment of corona virus infection from which country India recently got- China

• Foreign Ministry has replaced Ravish Kumar, a 1999 batch IFS officer as the new spokesperson of the ministry - Anurag Shrivastava

• Recently the Central Zoo Authority has issued guidelines for zoos across the country after coronavirus infection has been confirmed in a tigress Nadia.

• Cabinet has decided to postpone the MP fund for the number of years under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid the Corona virus crisis - two years

• The country whose former Prime Minister Mahmud Jibril died recently due to complications related to Kovid-19 - Libya

• Central Government has decided to provide free trial and treatment of corona virus under the scheme- Ayushman Bharat Scheme.

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